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Sur les autres projets Wikimedia The Chimera of Arezzo Etruscan bronze - c. 400 BC Found in 1553 outside Porta S. Lorentino in Arezzo.

Greek pottery was invariably made on the potter's wheel and usually made in separate horizontal sections: the foot, the lower and upper body, the neck. HISTORY OF POTTERY AND PORCELAIN including To pot or not to pot, The potter's wheel, Greek vases, Glazed ceramics, African terracotta figure Il Museo archeologico nazionale di Firenze si trova nel Palazzo della Crocetta che risale al 1620, quando Giulio Parigi, su disposizione di Cosimo II, ristrutturando. Euphronios (Greek: Εὐφρόνιος; c. 535 - after 470 BC) was an ancient Greek vase painter and potter, active in Athens in the late 6th and early 5th.

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